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JamieLynn Parker-JamieLynn has 6 years of competitive Gymnastics experience that includes Women's Junior Olympic State Championship Qualifier in 2008, North State Champion in Balance Beam 2009, 4th All Around State Champion Competitor in 2010 and has trained at Karolyi's World Gymnastics Camp 2006-2010. Jamie is also on the Soccer and Varsity Track and Field Team competing in the high jump, triple jump and runs the 800 meter. She has also competed on the Cross Country Team and was an alternate to the State competition in 2014. She is currently coaching the Mini Cheer Team at Texas Tumbling in addition to her many other activities. Jamie plans to attend college this fall and pursue a career in healthcare and enter nursing like her Mom. She has lived in Paris her entire life and has 2 younger brothers, Conner- 12, and Cooper- 6.  She loves children and baby sits for several families.  She would also like to continue cheering while attending college.

Jeff Cochran- Began performing on his grandparent's hearth "Ladies and Gentlemen Jeffrey Cochran" followed by a bow in Powderly. It seems acting, dancing, performing and theatre are just in his blood. He began dancing in college and soon was a member of several dance companies. Performing in many industrial shows and theartical events throughout Dallas. From there a few national tours with such shows as A Chorus Line and performing for companies like Mary Kay, Matt Mattox, Gene Kelly and Bob Fosse styles.  Later he was introducted to Luigi style and went to study with Luigi in NYC. For ballet, he trained with the Dallas Metropolitan Ballet focusing on American Ballet Theater style. He returned to the Paris area in 2013.  Finding the Paris Community Theatre, and BSODS has been a great experience and a return to his theatre roots after a very long hiatus. 

LaDonna Davis- LaDonna is currently the worship leader at Christ Community Church and is an English Teacher at North Lamar High School.  She holds a Bachelors of Science from Texas A&M-Commerce with a double major in health and music. LaDonna is a singer, songwriter, and an Indie recording artist. Her album, "Never Far Away" can be found on iTunes. She has experience in both formal and informal music settings. LaDonna was in the North Lamar Band and several choirs throughout college and has taught Music and Choir at Prairieland grades K-12 and teaches middle school choir at North Lamar. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How old does my child have to be to begin classes? BSODS takes students at 2 1/2 years as long as they are potty trained. 

What is your inclimate weather policy.  We follow the same policy at the Paris ISD.  If they close we close.

Where do I find the required dance apparel.  That's easy, most items are available in our on site Capezio Store along with the latest in dance apparel or may be found at WalMart, or ordered on-line.

What are your office hours?  Office hours are listed on our contact us page.

The studio we attended previously had a blatant focus on competition and winning. My child was not on the  competition team and never felt at home there. Is your studio the same?  NO!  Though we have a strong interest in competition, our philosiphy and curriculum is focused on dance instruction.  With such a focus on competition and winning trophies, sometimes students are trained to learn A dance routine as opposed to learning TO dance! We strive to ensure that all our students get the same close attention, instruction and nurturing whether they are on the competition team or they just want to experience the joy of dancing. Whether on the competition team or not, all of our students will have an opportunity to perform for audiences.  

If we join the studio and have questions or concerns what do we do?  We are very interested in any questions, concerns or any ideas that our parents may have.  You may communicate by phone, text or e-mail, stop by during normal business hours or set up a private appointment with the Director. You will find that we are very responsive.


Does your studio have a competition team? Yes. We love to compete!  We have 5 competition teams which, like all studios, are by invitation and/or audition only. As with other studios this is an elite group selected by the instructors. Our teams had a very successful and FUN competition season placing in every competition, several winning high overall awards along with several very prestigious studio awards and our Mini-Team won a National Championship in 2017.

How many competitions do you attend each year?  The competition season generally runs between January & July.  We plan to enter at least 4 regional competitions and 1 national competition in 2018.

Is competing expensive?  There are additional classes required if you are on the competition team, fees for the competition itself, cost for costumes and travel cost when necessary. 

Do you allow your students to level down in competitions to give them a winning advantage?  We do not allow our students to level down.  BSODS teams will follow each competition's rule-guidelines exactly as they are written. Generally the rules state you must take 3 hours or less of dance classes per week to fall into the lower/beginner/performance category. When the focus of competition is only on winning, it overshadows what dance (and life) should truly be about. This is more important than adding another trophy to our window! Competitive dance is really about competing with yourself. Did you perform to the best of your abilities? Did you improve from your last performance? Did you learn something?  Most importantly, did you love performing and did you have fun? That's the real measure of the quality of your performance. Honestly competitons are often judged unfairly by people who know very little about particular types of dances. That's why it's important to take competition scores with a grain of a salt. We look at competition as a great team building experience, an opportunity to show your skills on stage and as a way to have fun for those who love to perform.

Is there a lot of drama in competing? Our competitive students are very dedicated and are ,of course, disappointed when they feel they didn't dance their best. If you've been watching "Dance Moms" on TV, don't expect to see that behavior at BSODS by either our staff or our parents! We are blessed to have supportive and team oriented parents and at BSODS we would not expect anything less. 


Is everyone required to perform at the recital?  Recitals are optional but we strongly encourage you to participate so that you and your family can see your child's progress.

Is there just one recital performance?  No, in 2017, we will offered 2 shows on seperate days. We will continue this again in 2018. 

Why do we have to pay a recital fee?  Recital fees cover the cost of the auditorium (Lamar High School), backdrops, props and lighting & sound for a professional production. These fees also help in purchasing certificates, medals and special awards for our students.  

Why does dress rehearsal take so long?  Dress rehearsal is our opportunity to get the students accustomed to the stage and the size of the auditorium.  We also have to work out stage placement, lighting and music. Also to work out any issues with costumes or make-up and ensure they understand costume change timing and stage entry/exit procedures. We want every dancer to be able to have a full out (and safe) dance rehearsal on stage so that they may have the best performance possible during the recital to the amazement of family and friends. They've been working all year to impress you!  If you are in recital be prepared for dress rehearsal to be a 6+ hour event and plan accordingly.

















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